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Brooke Reams is a certified yoga teacher who does classes all over Chicagoland. Should she sing her way through classes? Next time you're at a show let her know if you want a lesson!

Brooke the Yogi

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About The Brooke Reams Trio


When Brooke is not playing with her 7 piece soul band you can find her and two friends playing at a local restaurant or cocktail lounge. They entertain with a wide range of songs from jazz standards to top 20 hits of today. Check out a sample of their extensive set list here.

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In the fall of 2012, four musicians came together with the purpose of creating a soul band. Soul music was loved by the members for its ability to connect to diverse groups of people and move bodies. They play originals, covers, and covers of covers from Otis, Aretha and Tina, to Amy, Black Keys, and Rafael Saadiq.  But Brooke's performance of the songs are more than just covering standards. Brooke reinterprets classic songs in an elegant yet soulful way that only she can. Check out Brooke on Soundcloud. And don't forget to follow!